Cap Estate Garden Wedding

Cap Estate Garden Wedding

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Cap Estate Garden Wedding

Cap Estate Garden Wedding

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life. You have probably dreamt of this moment for years and now it is finally here. Whether you are planning a grand soiree or a cozy intimate gathering, Le Jardin Romantique (Cap Estate Garden Wedding) is the place to choose.

Their beautifully landscaped garden is the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony and reception.

In all the wonderful places that we have seen; we can only boast of the uniqueness of Cap Estate Garden weddings. There are no Pitons in the background nor is there an ocean view, however, the lush green atmosphere will jump at you instantly. White gazebos with round edge square rocks lead the way. The well-maintained flowers and palm trees will congratulate you with a smile.

You are completely surrounded by nature, beautiful nature. The outdoor space is large enough. Use the gazebo or set up your arch anywhere. Have  a buffet party in the lush green outdoors.

Semi-opened reception space, with lights, shouts a bright future. Eat, dance, have fun, be happy and  have a party.

Thirty thousand facebook fans gasp when Priestley ( Owner/photographer) uploads to facebook.

Look below. Here's what we are talking about...

Would you like to have your magical moment at Cap Estate Garden Wedding? Contact us.


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