Frequently Asked Questions | Wedding DJ Service

Music Genres: 60s, 80s, 90s, Country, Dance, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock

Liability Insurance: Yes 

DJ Style: SoulOBlissEntertainment DJ's are well-verse in mixing multiple genres smoothly, professionally and efficiently. We have been actively involved in the music industry for over 9 years. At wedding in particular, we start off by introducing a few "slow jamz" and soul music. We are capable of including multiple genres at events that definitely meet your satisfaction.

Limited music requests: There is no limit on the amount of music that can be requested. We want to accomplish the highest level of satisfaction from our customers. We have an open policy that allows our clients to request any genre/song that suites their event.

Your DJ Attire: SoulOBlissEntertainment ensures that our DJ's dress elegantly casual for events. Depending on the nature of the event, our attire will match the type of event.

Require client to provide songs: SoulOBlissEntertainment are confident that we will acquire every song that is pre-requested by the client.

DJs on team: SoulOBlissEntertainment works with multiple professional DJ's who have worked in the music industry for over a decade in St. Lucia.

Minimum DJ time: The minimum amount of time we DJ for is one hour. Depending on the nature of the event.

Meeting before booking: Yes, SoulOBlissEntertainment strive to build rapport with our clients before our official booking.

Ethnic / International Events: On a weekly basis, we are usually booked on Thursdays and Fridays at Karaoke and/or private events at local restaurants and clubs in our district.

Accept do-not-play list Definitely! Our goal is to satisfy every need of our client. If the client wishes to omit a particular song or genre, we will omit it from your event.

Provides own equip. Yes we do have our own set of equipment which we bring to our events. Some of which include: mixers, speakers, microphones and consoles.

Special equip. offered We provide lighting and karaoke if requested .

Setup time needed: We always make ourselves available approximately one hour before the event begins to ensure that we set up everything before the commencement of your event. We do provide ourselves with a table!

Extra space requirements: Depending on the nature of the event, or the number of guests at the event, we usually make space for our equipment. If any extra equipment is required, we will make space for ourselves as long as the crowd is comfortable.

Sign or banner: We will not be using any banners at your event, we believe banners can spoil your wedding photos.

Emcee between songs? SoulOBlissEntertainment provides emcee services as well. We usually do some emceeing at the beginning of the event (just to entice our clients for what's in store). Some of our DJ's are radio announcers and radio DJ's at local radio stations. If so desired by our clients, we will provide these services. If not so desired, we will omit any form of emcee service at your event.

Techniques to Motivate Crowd: There is never a dull moment when SoulOBlissEntertainment plays at various events. If there is a situation where the crowd isn't dancing, we will introduce some of our local music genres (soca music) that will surely get the crowd moving!

Require break meals: We do provide ourselves with a meal before and during the event. If so desired, we will accept meals provided by the client.

Music during breaks: SoulOBlissEntertainment does not play recorded music during breaks. In case one of our DJ's gets a bit tired, we will provide you with another DJ at the soonest.

Backup plan for absences: In case we are unavailable on the day of the event, we will select another DJ from our wide network of DJ's. We will also provide him with a playlist that will suit your needs!

Multiple bookings/day: SoulOBlissEntertainment pride itself on a one-event-per-day policy.

Overtime rate: We charge an $50 USD for every hour worked overtime.

Required deposit: To secure your wedding date, clients are require to make a 50% deposit.