Hotel Wedding or DIY Wedding

St Lucia DIY Wedding or Hotel Wedding

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A very excited Mr. Adams paid me a personal  home visit to consult me on being his step daughter’s wedding Dj. As the stepfather, Mr. Adams’ contribution was the entertainment for the wedding and of course he wanted his contribution to be the very best.

Mr. Adams booked Soul O Bliss Entertainment to entertain his step daughter’s guest at a famous hotel in Rodney Bay St Lucia.

On arrival, we found out that the wedding was at the center of the hotel. Usually we do hotel weddings, but most times at the villa within the hotel. It was a different experience having a wedding mingled with the day to day activities of the hotel.

Soul O’ Bliss has also done many DIY weddings.

This raised the questions????


We asked a few persons and here are the yayyes and nayyes of each.


  • Hotel weddings are less stressful.


Hotels usually have one well paid wedding planner and an assistant in plain comfortable clothing to ensure that your wedding is well executed. Also this leaves the bride and groom with very little worries before, during and after the wedding. No helpers to gather, no place to clean up etc.


  • Hotels have on-call vendors


Hotels usually have a set of vendors that they work with on a contractual basis. Although the planners may change, resign or get fired, these vendors remain the same for the entire year unless revision is done in preparation of a new coming year.  You are guaranteed to have an expert at hand who will see to all your wedding concerns.


  • Hotels can cater


Hotels usually hire the best Chef for their guest and this very same Chef would also be the one to cater for your wedding. Your guests deserve great food because they usually wait a long time for the reception while you’re at your photo-shoot.



  • Guest Accommodation


After the long day, everyone is fatigued. The hotel would be the perfect place to sleep in and enjoy the rest of the night and even your honeymoon.


  • Hotel Amenities


The hotels in St Lucia have quite a number of amenities to keep your guest entertained whilst they’re staying in.



  • You are in control of every aspect


When you make your own decisions it comes out with your own personal touch and uniqueness which makes your wedding more memorable and outstanding.


  • Power to choose own vendors


You are free to choose your own vendors, in that case if you have a family member who is really good at something, baker for example, their services could be utilized, which would also reduce cost. But we advise that you always use a professional; chances are you’re only getting married once.


  • Rented Venue Belongs to you


We can vividly remember Thy and Dave’s wedding where they rented a luxurious villa and had it all to themselves, whilst being entertained by Soul O Bliss Entertainment they danced on the dance floor, jumped in the pool, had “bad karaoke” and partied till 3am.


  • Venue Selection for large wedding


If you are having a large wedding then it will be ideal to choose a location other than a hotel because hotels usually have a catering limit and sometimes charge per person. Other venues allow more flexibility with numbers even allowing for easy accommodation of last minute guests.

More Privacy

If you desire a more intimate wedding with only the presence of your well selected loved ones and friends a DIY is the way to go. Hotels are always full of in house guests who are just waiting to get quick pics of your setting and wedding party whereas a DIY wedding provides the privacy that most brides and grooms need.


Our Conclusion…..


Although hotels provide great service, there is always a concern with the noise level and distractions to other in hotel guest.

When comparing the two we found that because of the number of weddings that the hotel planners and vendors deal with on a monthly basis, this can sometimes leave them feeling tired and stressed, which would inconveniently prevent them from executing your wedding to their full potential. We have also read comments on TripAdvisor of numerous persons who were not allowed to bring their won photographer and received very much spoilt photos that they were not happy with. Too bad they can never recover that moment again.

Although planning can be stressful, but finding the right vendors like Soul O Bliss Entertainment will make a DIY ideal for any bride and groom. Every couple deserves comfort, laughter, privacy…….. To sum it up………Their dream wedding.


So tell us in the comments, which one would you prefer and why?


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  1. Ive always wanted a DIY wedding. Ive been pinning alot and because of my interest in decor I want total freedom to execute my perfect setting….. When that day comes…. It must be perfect… DIY it is….. With some Soul🎶

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