Perfect Caribbean Style wedding reception

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Having a Caribbean style wedding always comes down to the reception.

The reception is the ultimate celebration of your new life. It is also where you cater to your guest and thank them for taking time off their busy schedule to spend the day with you.
If you have travelled from across the ocean, with your family to get to a Caribbean island for a wedding, please make the most of it.

Firstly, your guests will be waiting at the reception venue while you and your wedding party are busy capturing moments with your photographer. This can take a while and is usually not done at the reception venue. During this time don’t let your guests get bored or hungry.


Have a cocktail hour with a few refreshments and hors d'oeuvres. This will keep your guests entertained. This will also be a good time for the two families to meet and greet each other in preparation for the long life and many other family gatherings.






Nothing screams reception or sets the mood better than the right music. Tradionally steel pan music has graced many weddings. Steel pan music can be used during your cocktail hour. Don’t like that idea of steel pan? Just swap the steel pan with a solo guitarist or a saxophonist. They will surely do the magic as well as add the Caribbean flavor.

Sulphur Stars Steel Pan
Sulphur Stars Steel Pan



We have seen some couples get creative. One client we had provided their guest with painting material to paint their favorite memory of St Lucia.
You can also create a slide show of the two of you. Moments from your childhood to this present moment, where your lives have intertwined and you have become one.







There is no reception party without a live band or a DJ. The DJ can be used to play some soft soothing and sentimental music during the dinner and later on turn up the party. Ensure that prior to your big day that you explain to the DJ exactly how you want your reception to go. Do you want an ultimate party atmosphere and lots of dancing or do you want some background music and some mingling.
What about some karaoke? We’ve had some folks who had karaoke in between their dancing. They had so much fun doing not-so-professional singing. After all, the singing doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun.
Most persons would prefer a fun and exciting party atmosphere to end the night’s celebrations.

Turned up reception
Turned up reception

This can be done in a five (5) simple steps:

1.) Choose the right DJ
2.) Submit a playlist to your DJ
3.) Add some party lights
4.) Have a well-stocked bar
5.) Have enough tasty food
6.) Choose the right venue

As simple as this, you can have yourself a fantastic celebration on your wedding day. A Caribbean style reception.

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This is literally one of the easiest way to put a smile on my face. At the end of the day it’s knowing that my clients are happy, I’ve delivered a great service and exceeded their expectations. Thank you @Jovi for this amazing review! 😍
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