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Wedding Ideas – Technology and Weddings

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Wedding Ideas

Technology is a driving force of the 21st century. It has been lauded over and over (and over) again. It has the  ability to make our lives simpler, and for gives us a new avenue.  Through this avenue  we can express our creativity. Bring this simplicity and creativity to your wedding by using the following wedding ideas &  7 technologies and technology supported platforms:


Manned by a professional, a drone gives you the opportunity to document your event from a unique perspective. It allows you to capture your venue in its entirety. Imagine an aerial photo or video of you and your guest in the midst of mountains. Traditional photography and video may be able to capture the beauty of a location in separate shots, but a drone has the ability to do it in one. It gives you the option of being creative with some of your documentation. Get an aerial video clip of the bride entering the venue from one side, and the groom waiting under the arch, or have your wedding party create unique patterns as they make their way down the aisle.


If you would prefer a close-up over a distant look you can consider using a GoPro.

Wedding ideas


An increasingly popular trend is to place a GoPro inside of the bridal bouquet. See everything from the bride’s perspective, from the moment she gets dressed, to the exchange of vows and the reception. Video taken from an individual’s point of view, will surely raise feelings of nostalgia later down the line, because they have the unique ability of allowing them to relive that special moment through their own eyes. Rugged, small and easy to use, the GoPro is a great option for amateurs who want to add that personal perspective to their wedding memories.

But wouldn’t it be great to get a glimpse of what your special day was like for your friends and family?

Customized Hashtag

Consider giving your guests a custom hashtag. This can be added to any photos or videos they upload to social media platforms. Hashtags are accepted on platforms such as Instagram and facebook . The #hashtag will enable you to create a ‘virtual collection’ of everyone’s memories that you can later assemble into a physical album.

Use this hashtag generator if you are not sure where to start. 

Facebook Live/Skype

Not everyone may be able to make it to your wedding, and that can really put a damper on things.  You can make use of applications such as Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp Video or even Facebook live so that they can still share in your moment. 

Just imagine grandma watching your wedding live on Facebook. Find out how to stream your wedding live on Facebook, explained in detail by Offbeat Bride.

Google Docs

Very popular technology because it can reduce the lag time associated with sending emails. ‘Google Docs’ is used by corporations, small businesses and student groups to make collaborating on key projects simpler and more time effective. Make use of it for your wedding planning. ‘Google Docs’ makes it possible for multiple people to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You and others can edit these simultaneously from remote locations. You can also track each other’s changes in real time. Your guest lists, food menus, budget can all be compiled this way.


Easy to navigate and with a quick turn around, use this online survey creator to get information from your guests. They can RSVP and select meal options from an email sent to their electronic devices. The quick turn around reduces the time you spend waiting for replies.

Furthermore, they are so much more that you can use a survey for, such as getting guest opinion on certain topics.

Click here to start your survey.

Go Paperless

Be environmentally friendly and ditch the paper. Send electronic invitations, download apps to keep all your wedding information in one place ,or use a tablet to replace that stack of papers. Moreover, documents on a tablet are easier to organize and share than countless folders. Don’t worry about misplacing a receipt or forgetting an important piece of paper. Scan essential documents and keep them in an easily accessible format.

In conclusion 

We hope you loved theses wedding ideas that we have put together for you. Though technology can make your wedding planning easier, it is important that you remember that it can also add new complications. These include cell phone and social media etiquette. Before your wedding, ensure that your guests are aware of any rules you will have in place such as: placing phones on silent, or abstaining from posting photos of the wedding before you have had a chance to do so. Technology should never be a complete substitution for interaction with people, and when used excessively, interactions facilitated by technology can feel impersonal. Read our blog on guest do's and don'ts to understand the roles of your wedding guest.

Have a healthy balance, make your planning as simple as possible, but don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to make the experience of your guests as magnificent as yours.

Do you have any wedding ideas to share with us? Leave a comment below!

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