Best places for destination weddings in St Lucia

Best places for destination weddings in St Lucia -Part 1

The selection of a wedding venue can be one of the most frustrating aspects of planning a wedding.We totally understand, where are here to help. We have complied five of the best places for destination weddings in St Lucia. Let’s fast track your decision and alleviate your stress. We have compiled a list (in no particular order) of five wedding venues in St Lucia that you can consider to host your destination wedding. See Below:

Les Chaudieres

Feel free to keep your decorations to the bare minimum as you seal your forever with a kiss at the picturesque ‘Les Chaudieres’.  Natural lighting provides the perfect ambiance, as the cerulean, teal and blue waves of the Caribbean Sea kiss the feet of rugged hills 200ft below you. These hills blanketed with lush, dense, tropical vegetation form the backdrop for an intimate al fresco wedding. Located on the island’s west coast. Les Chaudieres sits just a stone’s throw away from the fishing villages of Anse-La-Raye and Canaries. ‘Les Chaudieres’ is perfect for a destination wedding, as it provides the bride and groom with accommodation as well as a stunning location.

The Pigeon Island National Park

Do you want to spend less of your limited time on island looking for a location? With 3 possible options ‘The Pigeon Island National Park’ allows you the opportunity to do just that. Joined to the island by a causeway, this former island houses large trees, sloping hills and old ruins that allow you to be near both nature and history. Your options include: a beach enclave with panoramic views of the shoreline, the horizon and rolling hills in the distance. The second option is a gazebo nestled on the grass, near historic ruins making the perfect focal point for a garden wedding. Or say “I Do” on a cliff side, gazing at Martinique in the distance as the Atlantic’s waves barrel into the rocks below you.

La Tille Waterfall

While we’re on the topic of fairytales, ‘La Tille Waterfall’ is ideal for a whimsical, storybook certified event. You and your guests will walk down a narrow staircase through the rainforest. Trees on either side, bursting with fruits form an overhead canopy, as birds soar over head. The sound of the waterfall meeting the natural pools grows louder as you enter a hidden piece of paradise, where beauty meets simplicity. You are no longer near nature, you are in the heart of it.

On The Water

Nuptials next to the water are too cliché? Why not take it a step further and proclaim your love on the water? Charter a vessel and set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Marvel at the natural wonder that is Saint Lucia. Exchange vows near ‘The Pitons’ as the sun disappears below the horizon. Weight anchor at a beach for the reception. With a little creativity, the possibilities, they are endless.

Morne Coubaril Estate

Another location that perfectly marries nature and history is the ‘Morne Coubaril Estate.’ Granted by King Louis XIV to a local family, this 18th century plantation, now functions as a working estate that exposes visitors to traditional agricultural methods. With its lush landscaping, and views of the world famous Gros Piton in the background, this cultural and historical location is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The estate is also in close proximity to gorgeous accommodation options such as ‘Stonefield Resort’‘Anse Chastanet’ and ‘The Fond Doux Holiday Plantation’.


Getting married in St Lucia is probably one the best decisions that you can make in your life. When asking about wedding Venues in St Lucia, there are many possibilities. From church wedding, garden wedding, hotel wedding, the list goes on. Above you have learnt our pick of the five of the best places for destination weddings in St Lucia.  Visit our website to choose a wedding venue for your destination wedding in St Lucia.