How Much Does a Destination Wedding Cost

How much does a destination wedding cost? Our answer is simple – it depends. It depends on several things, but mainly your vision and the adjustments you are willing to make to that vision. Try NOT to focus on ‘whats-in’ or on the pressure from friends and family. At the end of the day knowing exactly what you want makes it easier for you to meet your budget goals.

To pull off your dream destination wedding in St Lucia, there are two avenues you can explore:

  • You can opt for the more popular all-inclusive wedding package where you are given an upfront price and package. Offered by several hotels across the island, these can include your marriage certificate, cake, music, refreshments, décor, bridal makeup, photography and witnesses if needed. Of course, what you get in a package hinges on what you pay. One particular hotel has packages that range from $700 USD to $8000 USD.  All inclusive packages are beneficial because they eliminate the price guessing. On the flip side, they are not very flexible. There are usually limits on the number of guests accommodated in each package, restricted food, and decoration options.

However…there is good news

  • If you do have a specific vision for your special day that cannot be achieved with an all-inclusive package, ‘a la carte’ weddings are much more flexible. They are not as popular since they require more planning, but the opportunity to toy with prices as well as your options makes up for the additional hassle. With the assistance of a wedding planner, the ability to choose between different vendors allows you to spend as much or as little as you want on different aspects of your wedding, bringing you closer to the kind of event you have always dreamed of.   

destination wedding in St Lucia

Overall a destination wedding in St Lucia is reasonably affordable, and in the end, either avenue can deliver a beautiful and memorable event.

You may consider these tips and advice

  • Small number of guests

You will be accompanied by only your closest friends and family members,  so you spend less on your guests and more on other things.

  • Honeymoon and ceremony in one location

Saint Lucia is relentless in its beauty. You can have your wedding ceremony in one place and honeymoon at another. Did we mention that for several years Saint Lucia has been lauded as one of the best honeymoon destinations?

  • Location, location..oh and location

For instance, the right venue, be it Les Chaudieres or Pigeon Island National Park allows you to get the most out of simplicity. Nature makes the perfect décor, the sun provides the perfect lighting for photographs and your guests are kept in awe.

  • The Offseason

The offseason or low season refers to the time of year when there are low numbers of tourists visiting the island (the summer months).  Hotels and airlines reduce their prices as demand for them declines, meaning, you pay only a fraction of the cost.

destination wedding cost

In conclusion…

After reading this blog you should figure out how much your destination wedding cost. As you weigh your options, remember, a perfect wedding in paradise is not a dream reserved only for the well off. You deserve your dream wedding in a little slice of paradise. For us, when it comes to making you happy the limitations are few and the possibilities endless. With research, some innovation and a solid support system on the ground, you can bring your vision to life with a budget that works for you.