Why St. Lucia Should Be On Top Of Your Destination Wedding List

It is often said that St. Lucia is for lovers and it’s proof: 41% of all destination weddings are held in the Caribbean, and St. Lucia is the #1 Caribbean location, hosting more than 11,000 weddings every year. Brides & grooms have always been visiting St Lucia for their honeymoons but with the destination wedding becoming a tradition, St. Lucia is now more popular than ever before. The people in St. Lucia are quite friendly, the food is so appetizing, and the beaches are incredible welcoming – making the place a perfect wedding destination for romantic couples like you. If you are still not sure why you need to consider St Lucia for your destination wedding, here are a few reasons below:

St Lucia has the perfect weather:

St. Lucia is blessed with bright sunshine & warm climate all year long, which makes it a perfect destination to get married any time of the year. No doubt May is the best time to tie the knot here, but December to March are the high peak wedding season months.

Your guest will fall in love with the island:

Tying the knot in St Lucia can be a benefit to both you and your guest. This will offer your family members and friends a great reason to travel this part of the world that’s filled with plentiful tourist attractions. They can have a mini vacation while they travel to attend your wedding.

The beaches are truly eye-catching:

The clear water & blue skies should be enough to tie the knot in St Lucia. This Caribbean destination features some of the best beaches in the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a beautiful wedding on the water, St Lucia is your best bet with beaches like Jalousie beach, Pigeon Island, and Reduit Beach.

St Lucia has gorgeous all-inclusive resorts for your dream wedding:

With a large number of wedding resorts to choose from, you’ll have infinite options on where to host your dream wedding. You can choose from top-known resorts like Ladera Resort, Capella Marigot Bay Royalton Resort, Royal Saint Lucia Resort And Spa, and Rendezvous Resort among many more.

Regardless of which type of wedding you are looking to host in St Lucia, we the best Caribbean Wedding Planners are here to help. Here at Soul O Bliss Weddings, we are dedicated to offering bespoke wedding planning on the island of St Lucia. Hiring one of our wedding planners in St. Lucia is an investment that you will never regret.