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St Lucia Weddings Everything you need to know

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St Lucia wedding: Everything you need to know to plan your perfect wedding.

You’re in the UK, Canada or America and travelling with your closest family for a destination wedding in St Lucia. This entails a lot of planning. All of which can be done right at home, from your laptop or phone.

Things you should know before you start.


To get married in St Lucia, you will need the following:

  • Passport & Birth Certificate
  • If Divorced; Decree Absolute
  • Widowed- Death certificate of the first spouse
  • Deed poll if a name has been changed.
  • Persons under the age of (18), requires parental consent in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public.
  • Authenticated translation if documents are not in English.

Note that you are required to stay on the island at least two days,  before the wedding.

A local Solicitor is required to apply for a marriage license on your behalf.

For a church wedding, contact the main Cathedral to find out requirements. Telephone: 758-452-2271


Notarial Fees & Marriage License:
EC$540.00 (less than 7 days before marriage)

EC$335.00 (7 days before date of marriage)

Registrar Fees:

Marriage Certificate:

Wedding Planner:

A wedding planner can allow you to be settled and do everything for you, We know our wedding planner Marcus wouldn't mind.


First of all, you need a place to accommodate your guest. There is a wide range of guest houses at your disposal such as Alfred’s Diamond Villas which can easily accommodate up to 25 persons at one time and provide breakfast at an additional but small fee.


St Lucia Wedding

Villas in St Lucia like Villa Gina, Tamarind House, Treehouse; all with swimming pools are the most requested venues, accommodating up to 60 persons. Theses breathtaking villas are great choices for large tight knitted guests. The staff at Soul O bliss have enjoyed numerous extravagant weddings at such places , always being wowed by the décor and arrangements done by the wedding planners.


Hotels are a more upscale and pricier option however with Saint Lucia being viewed as one of the best wedding destination choices in the world and having hotels making the top 3 best places to visit, wedding locations such as Coconut Bay, Sugar Beach, Bay Gardens will be worth every single penny and a whole lot more.


How will you transport your guest from the hotel to your wedding location?  In St Lucia, there are many options to choose from. Cool Breeze Car and Jeep Rental can be found at the main airport and has offices in both the south and north of the island.  There you will find a wide range of vehicles to suit your style and budget. St Lucia also provides top of the line Taxi Services from companies like Southern Taxi Association and other independent taxi drivers like our highly demanded Symeon’s Taxi Services.  Independent taxi services usually provide clients with tours through our scenic island where you can enjoy the beautiful fauna and flora, landscape and heritage sites like the Sulphur Springs,  Majestic Pitons, Beaches etc. upon request.


Whether you prefer traditional or an outdoor wedding, St Lucia caters to you. You may want to have your wedding at the same location you’re staying or you may wish to choose a different location.

3f74b051e681d02b1a2b14639f4ffd73St Lucia offers quite a number of locations for your ceremony. Our clients have booked some beautiful locations like Cap Estate Garden Wedding, The Beacon’s Maranatha Garden, Fond Doux Estate Garden. Feel free to browse and choose your desired  location  and let your wedding planner transform this location to suit you. Beach weddings are one of the leading locations  and Saint Lucia does not disappoint as mother nature has
fashioned us with the best white and black sand and clear water beaches you can lay eyes on. Feel the sand between your toes as you walk down the aisle. Another outside of the box ideas like Catamaran and Cruise Ship Weddings are also not out of reach. Have it your way in Saint Lucia.


Wedding Dress

If you have not purchased a wedding dress Something Borrowed Bridal is the number one store  in St Lucia where you can  rent a wedding dress if you decide too. They take appointments at any time for fittings. There are also very talented seamstresses that can make you your desired dress from scratch.

Hair & make up

Leave your new husband stunned on your wedding day. This day is not the time for a bad hair or makeup. Allow St Lucia’s talented makeup and hair artists to enhance your natural beauty. When a hair and makeup artist is booked, they will be working with you and your bridesmaids on the day of the wedding, to ensure that your makeup and hair is picture perfect and just as you envisioned, leaving your groom in tears.  Tears of joy that is. In the south of the island, our talented  Clevelle Charlemagne would be more than happy to work with you.



There are numerous vendors who offer rental of chairs and chair covers if you are having an outdoor wedding. Your wedding planner would know where to find theses. Tell your wedding planner your needs and they will source them. We highly recommend Beverly Charlemagne or Sonia's Chair Covers as you will be offered a wide variety to choose from, enough to compliment the theme of your wedding.


Let the talented hands of our St Lucian designers adorn your venue. We have seen some remarkable work from accomplished vendors like On Point Events or Azuk Creations and much more. These vendors really transform venues, guaranteed to leave your guests awe star. We like to use our very own Bistro Lights to add  warmth to locations, especially over pools.


The only florist we know, is Beverly Charlemagne, don't mind the lack of competition in this field, Beverly has always done an excellent jo. Beverly has been in the flower business maybe before I was born.So allow Beverly and her wonderful daughter Toyan to make you never want to let go of the bouquet.


Now that you have chosen the location and it’s beautifully decorated, you need to capture the moment in the perfect way possible. Alberta Henry has done some marvelous wonders, with photography. In St Lucia, there is a growing number of Photographers that will give you great pictures of your big day. We also recommend that you speak with the photographer in detail about how you want your shots and request samples of photographer’s work. All experienced photographers would have their portfolio at their fingertip. Liaise with your photographer to receive photos that will take you back to the moment many years after.


Based on your venue you will need to decide what type of entertainment you require. Saxophonists are highly utilized
at weddings as they add a touch and sensual mood during a ceremony.  We have our saxophonist 
Wendell Richards, who has graced most hotels In St Lucia.

You may also decide to use a vocalist to compliment you. There are lots of vocalists in Saint Lucia that will surely add density to the atmosphere.

What about a DJ? In most cases you will NEED A DJ at your ceremony to provide background sentimental music and/or for wireless microphones for amplifications.

DJs are also perfect too for your reception to provide microphones during dinner speeches, for your first dance and to keep everyone on the dance floor. After all, your guest travelled very far to celebrate with you and this is the time to mingle aSAM_1715nd receive congratulatory hugs and well wishes. What better way to do this but with up tune music in the background keeping everyone at ease and entertained as you and your spouse mingle. Talented DJs at Soul O Bliss Entertainment have been ensuring that thousands of guest have a great time in St Lucia for over 6 years now.

We can also provide karaoke and lighting as additions to our packages. We advice submitting a playlist to your DJ. Do you want you guest to really enjoy the music they hear? That can be easily done. Soul O Bliss Entertainment has a portal where their clients log in to manage their event details including playlist. Clients can invite their guest to submit songs that they would like to hear at the wedding.

If you wish to bring your own DJ to St Lucia with you, you can speak to any wedding DJ in St Lucia about renting their sound system.

Or what about a Band? St Lucia is blessed with talented musicians with unmatched creativities. If you have been in St Lucia for at least one month you may have heard of Evalucian Band featuring groovy soca monarch king Arthur Allain. There are many more worthy bands in St Lucia like NuVybz Band, DYP band just to name a few.

The majority of the time you have the option of a full band, or a vocalist and a guitarist, vocalist and a pianist. For a fun wedding, depending on the size, we recommend a DJ or a full band.



From one to four tier, heart, rectangular, square shape, red, yellow, red, green cakes, you name it, you get it. If you have pinned  a cake you that you like, show a picture of it to our St Lucian bakers and they will duplicate. Otherwise, make an appointment with your baker and come with your visions and they will surely make it come alive, adding  glamour to your wedding. Our local specialty cake which is my favorite is the black cake also known as a fruit cake or rum cake. My girlfriend doesn’t like cake but she loves the cheesecake cupcake from Maria Jackson because it is and I quote “ A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”. Try out any flavor and choose one.


You may wonder why you need a coordinator if you already have a wedding planner. The truth is you may need a coordinator whether or not you have a wedding planner. What's the difference between a wedding planner and wedding coordinator you may ask. You may have heard the saying “ Two is better than one”. A coordinator is also known as a day planner. A coordinator is only responsible for the day of the wedding, to ensure that all professionals and guest, that are involved in your wedding do their part. For example, God forbids….. mom goes AWOL right before mom and son dance, the DJ is late or anything else, the coordinator would ensure that these things are fixed immediately. Trying to avoid Bridezillas, thus allowing you to relax and remain calm. A wedding planner on the other end like Marcus, our wedding planner, will work with you from day one, in choosing vendors, choosing locations, detailing, giving advice and managing a budget.


There is a saying, no one can work on an empty tummy, and without food there’s no energy flowing and everything will be dull. Most restaurants in St Lucia cater for private events including weddings. You may option to have it done delivered to your venue. Also based on the venue that you’ve chosen, like The Beacon Restaurant, offers catering as a package option. There are also independent caterers who can do a great job with the food. From cocktail Hors d'oeuvre to three-course meals with desserts, you decide and they will provide. St Lucian caterers can surely whip together get some finger-licking delights. The usual meals would include macaroni and cheese pie, fig salad, ground provision, lasagna and fresh garden salads with your choice of meat or seafood.


Whatever your preference, style and tastes we guarantee satisfaction. From the day, you said yes to the last day of your honeymoon and way beyond when you gaze at your memorable pictures, we provide it all for you here in Saint Lucia. Hopefully, I do is for a lifetime but you only say it ones and we are here to make it impeccable.

Comment below and tell us, whether you would like a St Lucia Wedding.

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